You Might Be Racist~ The New Truths On Racism

The truths about racism will not set you free. In reality, it will enslave you even more.

I mean, think about it, which race doesn't already believe they're the superior race?

Even if not to ever speak it, subconsciously, you believe your ethnic makeup among all others, Superior.

When you live your life by definitions and labels, you are enslaving your beliefs and societal progression. Think about the black race in particular, from being entirely left out of the constitution to being marked as united states property and never having an opportunity to establish an identity of their own. The black race, just going through everyday life, can be challenging. Ordinary acts of life as applying for a job or wearing your hair a certain way are scrutinized and judged by the masses.

Then one day, this race wakes up and realizes they are powerful beings, and regardless of oppressional attempts on their progression, they are worthy of overcoming and achieving just about anything. Empowerment has come over the black race and to believe is to live it. When you live your life a certain way, others start to see you as the person you present yourself to be. In essence, the black race has stopped viewing themselves as the minority and instead, the superior race.

Not in expectance of worship or praise, but in acknowledgment of the natural order of the human race. One race, the African race, populated the entire world.

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According to the NY Times, there were three separate studies performed by three separate groups on the DNA collected from many different cultures around the world. All the surveys concluded one thing: All DNA of every culture is traced back to the ancestry in Africa. There are facts to back up those stats within depths studies and reports if you so wish to read more, click the NY Times hyperlink here or above. It's well worth the read to understand why many blacks feel they have the right to proclaim to be the superior race; if there should be any at all. After all, the differentiation would be African-American. To be classified as such, why not uphold the stature as well. African-the race that began it all, American-the culture, forced fed from birth.

Perspective is everything, let's take a look at from another point of view, White people's. We, not only blacks but every other person non-white, the people, have been adhering to the superiority of Caucasian America since the beginning of time. Must we talk about the white Nazis who assassinated Jews just for being Jewish or the fact that over 220,000 handicapped, disabled, and gay killed before the holocaust for "not fitting." All as mentioned earlier, done by the white man to the white, in beliefs that his white was the whitest of whites. A superiority that led to another race being lynched or shot down for having melanin flowing through your skin.

Racism, by definition, is prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's race is superior.

That would be every race there is existence today. The problem lies when violence is created to relay those beliefs. To do away with it, would be to acknowledge the fact that only 1% truly separates the identity of the HUMAN race.

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We will forever collectively, Black, white, brown, yellow, or orange, inhabit this planet together. The terms and definitions will forever keep the Human race divided. Believe as you wish about your culture of choice but know and understand that you are not the only one in existence and differentiations are needed for order and natural balance, If that's not possible than understand that natural law and facts are not debatable.

Everything comes from Africa. If you must assign a superior race to your cognitive functioning, know that here in America, the world, not the race, has declared it to be African-American, black people. But if it all started from an African, wouldn't we all be "African-American"? I mean, at least here, in America, if we must be politically correct and live up to definitions. That is what the world does, right?

Have your choice. You are not wrong for not liking another culture, or for having preference over one race compared to another. The objective is to live respectively, and cohesively. You are not obligated to like everyone in existence, and you are entitled to believe as you wish. In doing so, by definition, if you think your race is superior, you, my friend, are a racist. At least according to what was written and reflected.

I am not a racist, nor do I condone racism or racist beliefs.

Those were definitions created before my time. I do believe I was born from a superior gene; even still, I don't have to belittle, neglect, or even demean your kind; to empower, enlighten, and uplift mine.

The new truths on racism.

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