Yes I'm Conceited and My Ego Has A Reason

When you look in the mirror who do you see? Whose reflection is staring back at you? Unless you're physic with the abilities to look through a mirror and into someone else's life; the person standing there looking back at you is none other than You. Why not admire who you see? Why not celebrate everything that you are looking at through the mirror? Wouldn't life be more enjoyable if you did?

In the times we live in today; celebrating yourself can be viewed as egotistical, arrogant, prideful and what other negative term you would like to add. Society has made it a problem to feel good about yourself. When you have a new hairstyle you look in the mirror and you smile. You feel as if you are the most beautiful person in all of the world, and as you rightfully should. It is okay to feel good about yourself.

It is okay to celebrate you; any day and everyday in what ever way YOU see fit. The time to debunk the judgmental mentality that egos are a problem is now. If you didn't grasp that fact when Beyonce' released Ego; you can start today. Egos are okay, as with everything in moderation of course. Think about it; there is so much "shade" and "hate" among st us all; the first thing most will do is throw it, in some shape or form.

Let's say you were armored up already, Before you left the house in the morning you looked in the mirror and praised that person looking back. Let's say you complimented yourself and not only did you speak it, but you felt it and you loved it. When you do walk out of those doors and you're faced with "shade" or "hate"; it won't phase you. When you're filled in the inside the opinions of others would not dictate how you felt about yourself. It will never penetrate the armor that you equipped yourself with; Self love.

It's much easier to want what the other person has the problem we see now is so many want to be someone other than themselves because deep down within; they don't admire or love the person that they truly are. If you did; would you want to be someone else?

Start praising yourself because you deserve too. Start acknowledging those who take there time to acknowledge the admirable being that you are. In doing so an infectious reaction will occur. Other people that you encounter will see just how much you love yourself and they will start to love that about you. They will begin to love who they are well. Attitudes really are contagious; which one are you spreading.

Yes, be conceited and let this be the very reason; love you and love all who love you too. Love is what we should be infected with, start an epidemic.

Do the world a favor and spread it.

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