Why Women Should Take A Time Out When The "Flo" Checks In; It's Natures Orders

Once a month, nature sets aside a few days for women to shed, restore and start a new cycle. The ordeal is physically assaulting for most, not to mention the hormonal and emotional changes.

It has also been known that women can be cranky during this time. After living this roller coaster, I now understand why. Women should be left alone during the days she is so vulnerable energetically. That time of the month is different for each woman to ensure that not all women are unavailable each month. At least, that is the way it should be.

Let's talk about the changes in the woman's body when she is on her period.

Photo by: Sora Shimazaki

Her emotions are probably going haywire, and the time last thing she would need at this moment is anything other than comfort and solace, a pint of chocolate ice cream with mounds of whipped cream, that would surely help. Now let's talk about the discomfort of the contracting uterus and gushes of fluid exiting the body with every breath she takes. Like a leaking faucet that drips non stop for days, and if you haven't studied biology, you would know that blood, mixed with air, or the components that make up air, combine that with dead cells and other uterine matter, you're left with a smell of dying sea creatures and other decaying animals. It's as unpleasant to experience as it sounds too real and thinks about. Wouldn't it be easier to experience this in private, relaxing on an island, drink mojitos? The latter isn't likely for ordinary people, so something just as simple at home, alone, during your time would indeed work as a substitute.

Photo by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels

A great way to ease the discomfort of the destruction going on in your uterus is to get in sync with your menstrual cycle and learn when your body is planning your hiatus. Start viewing your time of the month as just that, YOUR TIME to relax and restore. However, you so choose, without the disturbance of anyone. For the past few years, life has been telling us all that perhaps we need to find more time for ourselves and spend the time getting to know who we indeed are without comparing ourselves to who we were told to be. There is no excuse for not having "me time" when nature provides it for you, at least once a month.

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A cycle doesn't always mean "a flow" either; whether you bleed or not, every woman on this planet will experience her cycle; consider it an extension of your self-care routine.

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