Lack of Entrepreneurial Support From Family Could Be A Red Flag To Underlying Family Issues

Pardon my perspectives as I share with you the summary of a post I strolled upon during my usual Social media strolls. The post reads:

"If you’re trying to sell to your friends and family, don’t expect much. They’re not always the ones who’ll believe in you the most."

At first glance, I agreed with this notion, and I strolled on, and then for a second, my little rock it all dark voice popped into the frame and concluded, "but it doesn't have to be that way." And in that very moment, my argument could not have been more clearer. It most definitely does nt\ot have to be that way.

Expecting support from your family and friends in your business today is viewed so negatively and almost marks you with a scarlet S for expecting it. How could we have been so wrong for all these years, the fact is, family is designed to be an unit of support, so why does that stop with entrepreneurship or the grand opening of a business?

From a very young age, you have family members from all walks of life, influencing and shouting empty encouragement in your face. Wouldn't one expect that very family to become supportive when they mature and establish a business/career path for themselves? It sounds a bit like the piece from a few days ago, the one on Shouting your successes from the rooftops more often and learning to be proud for the next person. Why would you not expect your family and friends to support you in the things you are most passionate about? Is it so wrong to want those you love and care for to share in your business? I think not. There's a difference between expecting support and expecting your loved ones to carry the business you built on their backs by being your only means to profit, versus wanting to have those you care about to support your product or service, especially if it is already a product or service they use.

If my homegirl sold makeup and my makeup was something I purchased, I would not feel like a supportive friend if I did not buy a lipstick tube or a palette of eyeshadow. How would I fix my face to ask her to support what I have going on if I never batted an eyelash at what she was invested in? It sounds a bit one-sided, like the one-sided relationships most are accustomed to, but perhaps I'll share my perspective on one-sided relationships some other day. Back to the subject at hand, Being okay with receiving no support in your business from family and friends. Let's change this narrative for 2021. We're in a New Age, things have shifted, and it's long overdue time to change the way we treat one another.

Ever wonder how the wealthiest stay rich keep it in the family. Something as simple as Word of mouth costs nothing, but sharing a word or two about a loved one's business now makes you "supportive." It's not all about spending money, though you should if you can. It's more about being a cheerleader for those you care about, as most would do freely for their favorite brands.

Once upon a time, you were your family's name, so being more supportive would be one and the same you would think. It is not to say without regard that many are trapped in the struggles and turmoil of their individual lives but everything is easier when you have help. Learning to open up to each other is teaching and rein stilling trust in the family units we once knew, uniting all to bring healing, comfort, guidance, the help you seek. There is no one person created the same as we all have a separate gift to share with the world and when a family sticks together in supporting one another achieve, nourish and maintain those gifts, it creates an inspiration and hope in everyone around, impactful vibrations spread equally about, changing the world. One family at a time.

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