Music And The Healing It Does For Your Soul

For ages, music has been embedded in cultures and used as a form of communication. Be it communicating with the dead, via ritual dance, or healing the living with vibrational chambers. Music therapy has been alive for a long as the human had an existence.

As a child, I would fall asleep with my Walkman Cassette or CD Player under my pillow. I was listening to the tunes of the 90s R&B. I can recall waiting for my mother or aunt to purchase the Just For Me kiddie relaxers so that I could beat my sister to the cassette tape that provided instructions on how to apply the relaxer. We would take a piece of paper and rip of two small parts, crumble them up and stick one in each end of the top of the cassette. Adding the paper to the two openings allowed audio to record to the tape; this is how we would record the scheduled afternoon mix that came on the radio. Music was something that could bring everyone together.

Music became my escape from a lot of childhood trauma; among other things, it was music that saved me. We all have that one song that we sing to the top of our lungs when we hear it. It doesn't matter where you are or what you're going through when you hear that one particular song, you sing along like you wrote every lyric. For me, It's Blackberry Molasses by Mista, when he, Bobby V said,

"Don't tell me how to live my life. After all that we've been through Don't want to live out your hardships 'Cause I've been there myself a time or two."

I felt that!

Listen for yourself, stop for a minute and get on my vibes,

I've always known that music was doing something to my brain; however, as a child, I wasn't quite sure what that something was. Music has proven to reduce stress, improve cognitive health, and improve memory as well. Music can also help manage pain. I can attest to this myself, mental illness, spiritual pain; you name it. We can thank the beautiful people of for those facts.

Practical pain management conducted a study, as well. Studies have shown that pain management patients that listened to music daily for at least two weeks experienced less pain.

Like Ms. Janet said, Anytime or Anyplace, I don't care who is around. Music is a therapy for, if none else, your soul. Put on your favorite tunes and elevate your vibes a little bit.

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