Understanding The 5 Love Languages Can Strengthen Your Relationships

Many different languages exist on this planet. As humans, we all speak the language of "Love." With love language being so impactful in everyday life, much of the population is not aware there is even such a thing in existence.

There are five love languages

Acts of Service

Physical Touch

Quality Time

Receiving Gifts

Words of Affirmations

Acts of Service~ This group of people typically responds when they receive assistance in some way—doing a load of laundry when they are bedridden or preparing dinner after a long day so that they would not have to.

Quality Time~The group that would prefer you to give them all of your time. If you have a second available and you choose to spend it with them, it means more than anyone could imagine.

Word of Affirmation~Boost their confidence and always say beautiful things. Hey sweet love, or honey bunches of oats. Constant expressions of admiration will win them over.

Receiving Gifts~ Well, this group of people love receiving gifts.

Physical Touch~To walk hand in hand in the mall or a park. Frequent PDA is up their alley.

Here is why it is essential to understand which language you speak and your loved ones. I've been in a few long term relationships and I've even been married. However, it wasn't until I was single doing some self-reflection, did I take the time to understand love languages. Come to find out; I speak Acts of Service and Quality Time.

There is a quiz that you can take online that will help you determine which one is your category. As there are five distinct ones, and you could fall under one or more. Upon learning that; the light was shed on why every single relationship I encountered had failed. Whether good at times or not; I was not in them currently.

Even with connections of friends; Not only did the reason why become apparent, but why I behaved the way I did in these relationships became evident as well. I was known to go above and beyond for my links. I was giving my all regardless of the other contributions, trying to do it all on my own(Acts of Service). I was also readily available(Quality Time), so in my eyes, I was doing it all correctly.

However, I was doing it all wrong. Even when my languages were unbeknownst to me at the time; my soul was loving the way I needed to be loved, instead of loving others the way that was best for them.

The only way to achieve that was to understand the love languages of the people you deal with, and by learning about love languages, you can start to pick up on key traits in your loved ones. Doing this helps learn what language they speak; in love. If you weren't doing for me, there was no way you could love me. You could buy me whatever you could give me the world, and it would still mean nothing. In my heart, I would not feel love.

Now, if you were making my life easier by taking a load off, you were speaking my language. Something like doing a load of laundry for because I can't get to it; that means more than one can imagine, at least to me.

Materialistic things or financial rewards never won me over. It was the people who understood how much I needed help; and acted on it. To take the time to learn about love languages is to save your relationships and produce longevity for and connections you make. It's definitely worth some research.

You can read more about them here at 5 Love Languages.com, and you can even take the quiz to learn about yours.

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