She Exposed Him As Gay, Now She's Dead

Jane Waughfield was shot and killed while driving her car in Indianoplis' according to an article released by

The news article shows pictures of the crash and the car involved is this very car pictured on Jane's Facebook profile. Jane lost control of the vehicle after being shot. She was transported to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

However, there is more to this story than the article reports.

Before her death, she posted this picture along with a Live video, to her social media profile

Allegedly she was killed for telling the world what she witnessed with her own eyes. Jane knew this man from around the neighborhood and the two had even conducted business together. Allegedly,(because all things are unto proven)Jane and this man were also sexually involved with one another at some point. Only the person she stumbled upon on Tuesday was not the person he led on to be.

Imagine the guy you knew to be heterosexual, having sexual intercourse with another man, his cousin. Some people will say mind your business, but when he became involved with her in a sexual fashion, he made it all of her business. Why not just man up to the truth? To murder this young woman for telling the world what she saw is completely senseless, even if it was about him.

How is one person's truth a reason to be murdered?

Once you become intimate with someone your health is at risk and their sexual orientation and activities should be known to all they are dealing with sexually. Wouldn't you want to know if the man giving you oral sex was receiving anal sex? Perhaps you would want to know if the woman you are having sex with; was having sex with another man, who is having sex with another man. Wouldn't you want to know that information?

When you involve other people into the sexual equation, withholding things like being sexually involved with men is a complete violation.

Simply put, only do in the dark what you would be proud to claim in the day.

When you are authentic, another person's truth would not waiver yours.

You can watch the video that many are saying resulted in her murder here.

Shortly after exposing the two men as "gay" and ousting them to her Facebook community on Live, she was gunned down by the very two men she walked in on(allegedly).

Men on the "down-low" are destructive to the entire community. As much as the LGBT community is striving for equality, why not own your sexuality and march amongst those who accept you?

Why live a lie and then take a life when you are exposed on it?

The world seems to only see a woman exposing a man for fame or publicity; very few see the bigger picture. What if there were other women in these men's lives?

There's always a better way to everything, but be that as it may; Maybe now they can go and get tested.

Women contract HIV 92% of the time through heterosexual relationships. Men contract is 80% of the time through homosexual relationships.

Imagine how many of the homosexual count, contributed to the heterosexual count for women.

Read some of the stats on the rising rate of HIV amongst black women here

Photo Credit: CDC.Gov

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