Quit Niche'in and Pave A New Lane. The World Is Waiting On Something Different

There are possibly millions of content creators on the world wide web, and not all of them are providing the same information; now, they are delivering it the same way. However, when you throw a bunch of bloggers into a room, a few podcasters, and YouTubers, and ask this one question; What's your Niche? After asking the question, one or two things will happen. You will begin to hear that group of people narrow themselves down to a few different categories. Of the people not speaking, they are probably unsure of what a "Niche" actually is, or much like myself, don't quite fit into one specific category.

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What is a Niche?

Well, A Niche is an area or subject of expertise. For instance, ESPN would be of the sports Niche, and MTV would be of the music niche; this would apply to the 90s era MTV, The acronym for Music Television. Even MTV has broadened its Niche to adapt to the ever-changing trends of society.

So Why Niche in the first place if you will only end changing later on down the line?

The desire to fit in and conform to the expected is probably the more common response. Even when you consider SEO's technical aspects (search engine optimization), Niching down doesn't directly affect how well your site will rank with search engines. That in itself is determined by the actual content you put out there. If a dog enthusiast decides to blog about Killer Whale due to his dog's newfound love of the creatures, the search engine would pick up and rank this particular article in a way that both whale lovers and dog lovers will be able to find the article.

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What the world needs more of are people who think outside of the typical box and influential trendsetters. Spread your perspective of whatever it is that you are passionate about, your way. Perspectives from the throne will never Niche out because it would be too restraining to do so. The ability to write about and produce content for the things that I love and how I love to do it is more than therapeutic, and it defines me. It adds a layer of substance to the person I am, making it easier to relay that person to the others who are like-minded and share similarities.

The rebellion inspires one only to do what feels right to their soul and to do it the best way that they know how to do it. The next time someone asks you what's your Niche, think hard about how you respond. Your answer will be how they remember you and your mission. Stand out, and don't waste so much time trying to fit in. At one point in time, they were saying the moon is uninhabitable, well..now you can own a home on the moon for a little over $60 million, and the man behind the plan started in a Niche about finances with his start-up of what is now known as PayPal, from Space exploration to driverless cars, clearly niching down may not be the best option for everyone.

Of course, not everyone will be as successful as Elon Musk in their endeavors. Still, perhaps they can be if they free themselves from the restraints of the "typical" and "usual" mindset, after 2020, nothing is out of the ordinary; so if there were ever a time to do your own thing and redefine what once was, that time would be now.

Quit Niche'in and Pave A New Lane. The World Is Waiting On Something Different!

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