Not Quite Madness Just March Motivations

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

If you were thinking about leaping faith for whatever reason, consider this a sign. Please do it!

So long as it brings you no harm, Go for it and enjoy it with all of your being. We hear so many cliches that they tend to become the norm and fall on numb ears. For instance, Life is Short, or You only live once(Well, this is debatable and for another post but yeah, you get the idea) So why is no one taking heed to those words? The fact is, most are in the matrix of living for other people and worrying about things today that they can not fix now or tomorrow. Worrying about something that you don't have the power to change only robs you of your time, mental capacity, and energy.

When you hear March, how does that make you feel? March; just the term afloat in your ears, how does it make your soul feel?

Does it not spark a fire from deep down within, something inspirational brewing, an empowering whirlwind. The force of the unstoppable blowing down the tracks, fiercely whipping behind you, ensuring you'll never look back. March. The forceful energy in the air, take advantage of it but use it with care.

For every living creature on this planet, nature created cycles to keep us aligned and prospering harmonically. Some follow calendars, religious beliefs, tribal traditions, to name a few, but we all follow nature's course. For whatever reason you were frozen last season, now is to the time to thaw and reset, replenish, forget, release and set free anything that doesn't bring any good. When you acknowledge the greatness you harbor within, you gain strength and courage that can stand on its own. Wintertime is cold, dark, ugly at times. While spring is soft and rejuvenating yet it comes in windy, demanding, forceful, like a Lion's stride.

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