Man What! Women's Right's, Again?

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

The most downloaded episode of my podcast Coffee With Queen is Mind Your Business Betty An episode on women's rights.

Here is a topic that truly only concerns women; yet the entire world wants to make it a dinner time discussion. Since when was it okay for society to trespass in the wombs of women? It will never be justifiable to take away a women's right to terminate a pregnancy.

For centuries the very species creating and sustaining life has been fighting for equality and respect, not for doing the aforementioned but for simply being a part of the human race. Women have been disposable for many lifetimes, from being sold to the highest bidding wealthy guy in foreign countries, to being abused, neglected, raped and murdered right here on our own. The fact is, far too long women have been fighting for their lives and the equality within them; The very last fight she should have is with society about what she does with her body. For a woman, it would be the equivalence of receiving a pap smear on Facebook Live, with the camera as the speculum.

It's hard to understand how a world that is falling apart at the seams is so focused on a woman choosing to have an abortion?

There are many women today who are forced into motherhood for a multitude of reasons and the stigma behind abortions is probably the number one. Many children today are raised in homes where they are not welcomed. They are constantly reminded how much mommy never really wanted them to begin with. More often than the world wants to believe; they are still murdered by the woman who gave life them to them. A study conducted by shows the death rate has decreased from 1980-2017, but "black children consistently had the highest rates of death, while Asian/Pacific Islander children had the lowest rates in all age groups." Some don't live long enough to see a year. Postpartum depression is real and deadly if left untreated. A woman forced into motherhood; will not have the mental strength to reach out for help when/if depression slips in.

Let's stop there for a moment and address Postpartum depression. According to The New York Times, 1 in 5 women will experience postpartum depression. To sum it up, cut off one finger from each of your hands; does it seem like an impact?

On the other hand, you have the adoption alternative; in essence, the world would rather increase the number of broken children by subjecting them to an already broken system? Society would rather justify bringing undesired children into this crooked world just to keep control of the woman, and her womb.

America is so screwed backward it's ridiculous, disregarding the children dying in unsafe conditions now. Instead of focusing on a full-grown woman, the focus should be on the children living in savage conditions. Place attention on everyday neglect. How many children don't eat lunch at school because their moms can't afford it? Where is the line of people at these schools trying to pay down these lunch accounts?

In my opinion, the bigger concern is the children with empty stomachs, not the women exercising their right to an abortion.

Society should stop saying it's about the babies because it's not. America has more than enough neglected children to nurture and care for. Make it really about the children that are already here. Maybe then will the argument of it "being about the babies" gains validity.

An entire country fighting over a womb, but no one wants to nurture or protect what comes from it; or the human it's attached to, The Women. Get out of her womb and into your own business, or find some.


Not because abortions are to be glorified, but because it's her body, Not mine.

Not my body, Not my business. Not your's either, World!

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