Man Me Too~Whose Protecting The Men Who Protect Us? Women Aren't The Only Victims

The true virus that is running rampant in the world is double standards.

"People can't handle the truth unless you speak to them with a mirror. " ~Lakia Echols

Be it men vs. women, white vs. black, for a country to stand for equality and freedom; its dysfunctions as a society collectively is displaying the complete opposite.

On my typical daily stroll through headline land, I came across an article from the bleacher report of a pending lawsuit against American Airlines. The two complaints are suing the airline carrier for failure to act on a sexual harassment complaint, initially filed by the defendants, with the company for an incident that had happened on a previous flight.

What bothers me is that American Airlines allegedly; never even acted on the complaint until the defendants were harassed three more times. On the fourth assault, the airline then moved her seat. As a victim of sexual abuse, I will forever and always stand on NO means NO! In this case, Excuse me, ma is don't talk to me that way using your sexual innuendos; I would appreciate it if you respect my wishes. It's doesn't matter what the sex of the person, if someone is asking another not to violate them in any way or form, then obey that. By all means. Why should it take having your face mask snatched off, and genitals grabbed for the airline that is required to transport you, safely; to react?

Would the headline read differently if, in response to the alleged sexual harassment, he instinctively knocked her unconscious? Or is there another double standard that men should not hit women on the pretense that they are women, regardless if they assault you and you are acting in defense of self? Violence is never the key, so it is essential for a person to feel safe within voicing their boundaries, commanding respect, and being honored. It makes you wonder with so many of the previous headlines of women coming out about sexual assault; why the case of two men wasn't taken seriously. Are men not included in the #MeToo? Does the world have to start #ManMeToo for them to take it seriously?

I asked questions as I am raising two males of my own and just as loud as the world speaks for women's rights; as a parent, I have to speak for the rights of men. Locate current headlines that are in circulation now about how Dwayne Wade is raising his child in true freedom. Whether you agree with it or not, wouldn't you want your child or an adult to speak about any sexual violation against them? Would the world prefer the other headline story of The way Lil Boosie and Cardi B handle things? By allegedly throwing sex in the face of an innocent child without the proper education of sex itself, destroying the natural development, suppressing the innocence inside possibly dismantling any perception of another's sexual boundaries. Pick your poison because the only thing served is toxic matter.

However, it gets a little deeper when you add the fact that the defendants are Two African American NFL players; and the accused; is a Caucasian woman.

Unfortunately, due to the typical mindset of the masses, race, and the fact that they were NFL players, played a significant part in this entire situation.

If one can have sex, one can experience sexual harassment. In 1955, Emmitt Till, an African American male, a young one, 14 years old, was killed because he, as believed to had whistled at a White woman. Not touched, not asked to stop sexually harassing, whistled in her direction was worthy of his life. Yet an African American man has his genital grabs by a white woman on an airplane, and the carrier sweeps it's under the rug. It just doesn't make any sense to me how any of this is acceptable in 2020.

This is merely the perspectives of a brown-skinned woman and mother of browned skinned children in America.

If there shall be equality, it should be equal across the world.

One love, one world, one nation.

We have to do better!

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