Love Who You Are Right Now, and The Next Day and Everyday After. Never Stop Loving You

Happy Valentines Day to the world. What is a day filled with love and expressions of such if for the next day just to go back to hating yourself? The best gift you can give yourself this year is the gift of loving who you are in this very moment. Let's face it, if you can't recognize how awesomely epic you are, no one ever will.

Roses are red, and violets are blue, but nothing in this world is more valuable and worthy than you.

Someone is sitting at home, letting the lack of acknowledgments in the forms of messages, stuffed animals, or chocolates invalidate their presence. Holidays such as Valentine's are in no way validations of how much one is loved. Most have become superficial and watered down, running a very thin line with meaningless. Not to say that Valentine's day can't be and isn't memorable for some and indeed it is a day anticipated to go above and beyond to express their love for spouses, family members and friends.

Valentine's Day can be a day filled with Joy and Love, any day to uplift someone and yourself while doing so is a day worth celebrating. In my case, valentines day is a day where the house is decorated in festive reds and pinks, the smell of chocolates and roses is to be expected as well. My children each receive small gifts with personal handwritten messages that contain positive affirmations to build their self-esteem. I also reiterate that the day is dedicated to pouring some extra TLC into yourself, consider it a bonus birthday of sorts, take the love you give to yourself on any given day and triple it. Don't waste a second waiting on another to fulfill that "happy space" or yearn for "love". This isn't a day designated to persons in a relationship exclusively, and even if that is the case, we all are in the most important relationship in our lives, we have a continual, long lasting relationship with our inner self.

Here are Three Ways to brighten up your day and help elevate your vibrations:

1: A relaxing bath or shower. Water is an all-natural way to relax the mind-body, and soul. When your mind is at ease, everything else seems to be as well. Hanging Eucalyptus in the shower brings a bit of nature in and also makes reaching this point of relaxation even easier.

2: Dance. That's right, as you are getting dressed for the day after you've washed away any emotional despair, turn on your favorite upbeat track and flex your best dance moves. Syke yourself out and slide in front of the nearest mirror to up the ante. Mirrors have a weird way of becoming stationary, silent, hype men during impromptu dance sessions. Whatever you do, let loose and enjoy.

3: Write yourself a love letter filled with reasons you are amazing. Title it just that if you wish. Building and rebuilding self-confidence takes time and effort, with more emphasis on the latter. Just as quickly as one can put themselves down with self-doubt and low self-esteem, the same came with the reverse. Getting in the habit of positive speaking to yourself and others will undoubtedly shape your psyche to adapt it as routine until speaking positively about oneself is the norm. The first step to receiving love is to recognize how worthy you are to be loved.

An added exercise~ If you are familiar with your chakras, The Heart Chakra is the source of love in your body. A great way to be more receptive of the love you are capable of exuding is to work on unlocking this particular chakra. The Heart chakra when open, allows you to understand your personal needs and desires, as well as give love and light to others *reference resource below

Take care of yourself today, and the next day, and every day after as well. Never stop loving you

For those who do take that extra step, consider it a bonus to your celebrations but don't allow the lack of defining your existence. Every being born into this realm has a purpose that serves the masses, and for that, you are invaluable, unique, and loved beyond this universe. Do yourself a favor this day and pour an extra dose of love into yourself. You are deserving and loved.

Happy Self-Lovers day!

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