I Caught "My Vibes"

You know, I have been enjoying life for the past few months.

Perhaps I have been enjoying life a bit longer; all I know is that I had not indeed been "living" or enjoying life before than. How could I be so sure of this? Well, I had developed certain healthy habits, and my life started to change. I was much wiser, and I began to see things differently as a result of these healthy habits—my perspective on life. I found my peace.

As humans, we often get caught up in the regular mumble jumble of everyday life. We get accustomed to bad things happening, struggling throughout life to make ends meet, just doing whatever to get by. The unhealthy habits that we develop go unnoticed; for years and most time generations. A straightforward action changed it all; I learned to take time out of MY LIFE for me. That phrase alone sounds quite weird, but applying self-care to your daily routine is life-changing. It doesn't have to be a considerable change; the fact is, I merely starting Meditating. The art of meditation is therapeutic( at least for me), and it's not something that requires a lot of time to do. You can set a reminder to take 15 minutes a day; before you shower or before you get dressed for the day; Sat down in front of a statue, light some incense, some candles, grab some crystals, and UNWIND YOUR MIND.

Trust me; you'll thank me later. You don't have to be a meditation guru to accomplish the serenity of peace in your mind. It takes practice but with a few inspirational pieces it will be just fine. The luxury of #AffiliateMarketing(I love hashtags) is you get to pick and choose which brands to "rep." I only select brands, products, and services that I can wholeheartedly relate too, and this company Buddha Groove is the place to go to for your meditative needs.

I was scrolling one day and looking into Buddha Statues to add to my "energy space"; that's what my son calls my corner that is home for my Crystals and what have you.

Anywho, I was checking online for another Buddha Statue, and I came across this company called Buddha Grove. It wasn't the Buddha Statues or the name that grabbed my attention; it was this teeny tiny ring that was the "wrap around your finger" type, not too big, with letters that read "Be Free," and it also had a feather engraved. I feel in love. I knew it had to be for me—especially given what I was experiencing at that moment in my life. I was in my "Be Free" stages. I was learning to Be Free.

I searched and searched some more, and let's say I felt like you all(yes; you reading) could benefit from such an empowering and inspirational website. Apparently the universe was thinking the same thing because low and behold; I was able to become an affiliate with this very company. To be a loyal fan, listener, follower, and subscriber, you understand my relationship with affiliate marketing; If I like it, You'll love it. That's just typically how it's been (lol).

No seriously;

I mean from your "focal pieces," involving the items you choose to focus on; to the incense, you decided to burn; they have you covered. The name alone puts you in a "Buddha Groove" (lol). Okay, that was my sense of humor for a moment, but hey, you all know how I am by now. Just stay tuned and keep following; I'll be posting my fave's from them periodically.

I am NOT a blogger or a writer; I just wanted to share another piece to "My Story." I'm all about inspiration, and Buddha Groove is as well; they even have inspirational jewelry for you to wear.

#GottaLoveIT #CheckItOut #NotAnAd #ButKindaAdish

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