Full Moon And Lunar Eclipse ~ A Celebration| Using The Cosmos For Positive Spiritual Progression

The rumor may have you to believe that the full Moon has no effects on the human body. Just because a scientist can't prove it, doesn't make it untrue. Like the "new found" portals and discoveries of alternate realities, Anything is possible in this world we exist.

The Full Moon's energy is quite aggressive as the intentions are those of a pimple that comes to a head. During the full Moon, it's the greatest to release whatever it is in your life that no longer serves you any good. Be it unhealthy eating habits or relationship habits, repressed emotional issues, or stagnant behavior, the energy of a Full Moon helps usher things out expeditiously. This time in the phase of the moon cycle is ideal for releasing, cleaning, and preparations to renew.

Full Moon is always a great time to reap grand benefits for all who have been setting great intentions and following with the universe to achieve optimal results. These people have been making the changes needed to become a better being spiritually, mentally, and physically. Progress is rewarding with full Moon's energy, and the time has come to reap the benefits. Whatever moon rituals you choose to partake in, invite some fire beings to the party, they're in the flames. The many issues deep within that have been effecting your progression, write them down on something flammable. Once written, embrace the emotion experienced, and toss it into the fire. Burned it will send up smoke transmuting into positive energy while sending that vibration out into the universe. The remains are merely an ash, the negative from what was written.

Fire is the best for many reasons and symbolic of many things, also associated with many dieties; but most importantly, fire is known best for transmuting energy from one thing, turning it into another. Embrace the positive vibrations because you're protected by something much bigger. Light a fire and relax under the moonlight, The motivating energy from the fire combined with the cosmos in the works will make it a mini celebration to full joy.

The full Moon is typically not the time for request per-say; However, setting good intentions should be a daily one. Specifically, designating energy on one particular plan with the expectations to see results with amplification from the full Moon isn't likely, not to say it isn't possible. The best time to set Moon fueled intentions is during the New Moon. Consider it as an empty plot in the field of your farm, during the New Moon, you go out and prepare the soil and plant your seeds (setting your intentions, commands, wishes). Throughout the time the Moon is cycling, and becoming full, you are also applying the efforts to set those intents and manifestations concrete by putting in the work.

Putting in the work entails changing unhealthy habits, practicing ways to eat healthier, actively. Changing your thought patterns by attracting the life you want to live and the objects of your desire. Developing a new thought process requires action, as in actively stopping a negative thought, processing that emotion, and converting it into something more positive.

Let's say your car window just smashed, and you just spent your last dime on gas, your paycheck isn't for another few weeks, and you may have been dealing with let downs all week. It is okay to be pissed off for a second because someone who wishes to have to incur an unnecessary expense is unexpected. After you feel pissed, remind yourself that bad happens to the best of us, and the great ones tend to have it a little harder it seems, but at least you will have money to replace it because it would worst if you were unemployed. You also have to tell yourself that nothing will stop you happy; period. By doing that, you are attracting positive vibrations into your life.

Ever notice when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, the day keeps getting worse. Well, it's because your brain is already expecting more bad things to happen, and the universe does not differentiate good or bad when sending out requests. They send to the sender what they are sending out to the world; what you receive is a reflection of what you permeate. Changing your thought process to ensure you are actively working and living out your intentions, is part two, setting them.

Like a farmer waking every morning at the crack of dawn to check and nurture the crops, he plans to harvest. Proper care reaps grand results. The Full Moon is the time to harvest all that you have set forth during the New Moon.

Be joyous of your accomplishments and continue to rise higher in the being destiny created one to be. The universe and the cosmos are here to aid you on your journey.

Also, at approximately 11:18 pm until 2:34 am, the Moon, the sun, and earth will be aligned. These particular events amplify the energy present. Add another layer, it's in the Sagittarius constellation. So more that any, If you have Sagittarius in your charts, specifically your Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, tonight is the night *in my Betty Wright voice* Random it may be but I channel the energy I receive and when we talk about creating the life you want, a seed she planted and had no idea how it would sprout but it took the world by storm I tell you. Have big faith like that and celebrate what you have accomplished this far. How Ironic this hit appeared on her album called Danger, High Voltage at the age of 20. How Ironic is it that same year 1974, there was a lunar eclipse on June 4-5 and then the final one of the year in November, the same month Tonight Is The Night peaked on the Billboard charts. Amazing if you'd ask my perspective.

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When Betty Wright made this song, the melody was so smooth and catchy. No one knew she was talking about losing her virginity. She wrote a poem and had no idea of turning it into a song, one that wasn't entirely understood, but a seed she had planted in the universe, and many years later, it turned into a number one hit!

I'm talking about THAT energy for tonight. Celebrate those number one hits. Good bad or indifferently, sit with your most inner self and let go of what had been blocking you or holding you back, appreciate what you have been making progress in and continue because it will be a wild ride. With this Lunar eclipse bringing in three more right behind it, you might as well buckle up and make it a great ride.

Step around the fire tonight to these tunes and let your vibes know that the universe has your back and bask in the energy. It's all about positive progression.

Dancing and Singing on the otherside in peace, Bessie Regina Norris (December 21, 1953 – May 10, 2020 aka "Betty Wright"

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