Could Processed Foods Be The Cause of Early Puberty In Our Children?

I've been a mother for a very long time, my oldest son is about to be 19, and my oldest daughter will be 11 this year. That goes to say I have quite a few year's experience in raising both boys and girls. When I was a little girl, I started puberty around the age of 9; then, my menstrual cycle kicked in around twelve. My oldest daughter is following similar footsteps as I when it comes to maturation. However, when it comes to my younger daughter and many others in her age group, it appears that puberty is approaching before they reach kindergarten.

What's so different now than when I was a child, or maybe even a decade ago? Well, my oldest son bought something to my attention in mentioning a conversation he shared with his teacher. She said the fact that she had to remove a lot of things from her four years old diet, among other things due to the increasing rate of her daughter's hormones. In essence, the food her daughter was eating was making her age quicker.

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That was all it took for the mental gears in my brain to begin churning. The amount of additives the products we put into our body daily is astounding. How could one not expect a mutation in the DNA structure of some sort? There are additives such as growth hormones that are injected in food-producing animals. In your eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, meat, fish, sometimes even in your vegetables.

Every item served in a store has a preservative to extend the shelf life of the product. Not to mention the about of inhalants we take into our lungs on a daily. How can it not be harmful when consumed if it was never supposed to be in your body, to begin with? This isn't about not eating meat, dairy, or keto diets; it's about the unnatural additives and fillers that could potentially be affecting the development of our children.

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Which child doesn't love chicken nuggets? Ultra-processed foods. It sounds like something served to astronauts when you think about it. The key is to all-natural. Anytime something is processed, it goes through several different things and transformations before it becomes whatever the finished product is. How have we been relying on these items to fill our body and keep up healthy, and happy when nothing about it sounds natural. We are people of nature, to ensure a natural progression during our development and transitions here, we should go back to relying on nature; without the additives. What's available to be purchased is garbage and is destroying our mind body and souls. As the smoke continues to fade inevitably becomes more apparent, it's long overdue to get back to our roots, literally on hands and knees, sowing, planting, rooting, our foods.

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Many studies will show that the average birthrate of American children has dropped over the past few years. A small amount in comparison about 2.4 ounces, according to an article printed last month by The Washington Post. {Read the full article here.} However, the average size of the American toddler and up is about 15 pounds heavier now then they were in the past. It's during the toddler years parents start to introduce different foods into the diet of their children, many of the products infused with so many additional, unnatural hormones and by-products.

Would you see how the correlation in growth spurts can be associated with what we are feeding our children? Among the list of things that are. We can also talk about immunizations, but this blog is relatively new. As with your access to Perspectives From The Throne, I'll save the controversy for a more substantial following. Until then, Let's try other ways to provide the nutrition our children need.

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Take advantage of any community gardens in your neighborhood; if there aren't any, start one. You can find information on how to do it in the additional resources section below. There are always many different non-profits and local churches that provide fresh fruits and vegetables to the community, free of charge. You can find that resource below as well. For mothers receiving WIC, they are now providing Fresh Food/Vegetable cash vouchers if you have a qualifying child.

Check into to see if you are eligible. In the meantime, learn to garden, start a mini garden in a few plastic containers, to begin with, if you have to (there's a how-to video below), I'm not kidding.

There's no reason a toddler is wearing antiperspirant because she is sweating like a full-grown man, at the age of four. It's not you; it's the fake food.

How To Grow Vegetables in Containers

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Be vigilant of what you put ON your body as well. All Natural skincare/makeup line.

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