Burn Pockets ~The Revolt By Dollar~Boycotting The Companies Who Manipulate and Prey On Blacks

We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.~Jesse Owens

There's a shift happening, and the world is waking up. What flew before is not permissible anymore.

More people are standing up to say we will not be sheeped. For years the media and Hollywood have been pulling the wool over the eye of the very souls who give them life. Their very lifestyle is paid for by the people they play on. It all started with this public stance taken by Reebok. Though I love 5411s, I see so many trying to profit from our pain that my already microscopical vision is amplified.

My heart couldn't perceive what it heard. Thus a small investigation is warranted when it doesn't add up.

The people you praise aren't who they pose to be, and if you're looking for reasons to ditch the brands and celebrities playing on your emotions, keep reading.

In 2019, Beyonce was to have a campaign with Reebok, but she ended up walking out of a meeting due to "The lack of a black presence" in Reebok's staff. She ended up partnering with Adidas to launch her Ivy Park Line instead. However, it didn't quite register that Adidas acquired Reebok years before this meeting took place, and they were now a subsidiary of the company. So in essence, she left the bunk bed in the guest room and went to sleep on the Queen sized bed in the master room of the same house. Hmmm??? Something doesn't make any sense here.

Beyonce, with the most massive following on the planet, A boycott of both Nike and Reebok launched after the "bey-hive" heard about the "walkout". With Reebok being acquired by Adidas, a small decrease in sales would pose as collateral damage; but Nike was the only legitimate competitor to Adidas. Nike being the number sneaker in the world and Adidas falling into the number two spot; is more than enough ulterior motive to launch a "sneaker witch trial." Marketing and the love of the almighty green paper.

On April 4th, the partnership with Adidas for Beyonce's Ivy Park line debuted public ally. According to Forbes, The collaboration projected to be "Valued at $1.07 billion; the influencer market is expected to more than double to $2.38 billion in 2019."

The beyhive fan base is well over 126 Million, talk about a revive to Adidas. Analysts are already saying sales of Beyonce's Ivy Park may surpass Yeezy's, the shoe that ultimately helped make Kanye West a Billionaire. Of course it was all publicity, "If it ain't about a dollar than it doesn't make sense" right? Well, that's[ if you let the current day leaders and aspired role models tell it.

Well who owns Adidas

Bernard Tapie, a french man. In 1987 the last heir of the Dassler's died, and Tapie was a specialist in bankrupt companies, after researching and borrowing the 1.6 billion needed to acquire the company, he became the new found owner of Adidas in 1989. According to bloomberg.com, Tapie was on trial last year, being sued for 456 Million Dollars. Further research led me to learn that as of April of 2020, his assets are currently frozen. It sounds like more motive to place the revival of your company on the backs of one of the countries most influential. Using blacks as readily marketable and profitable items isn't new for Adidas's founder, his entire marketing campaign of the first cleat built on the back on Jesse Owens.

What won't they don't for marketing?

I dug a little deeper, and I learned that the founders of Adidas & Pumas used a black man named Jesse Owens to market they're most profitable shoe at the time. Upon research, I learned that in 1919 two German brothers who were affiliated with Nazis saw an Owens' money sign. The melanin in his skin matched with athleticism that landed him MVP of that time.

Jesse Owens, the grandson of a slave, achieved what no one prior could, by obtaining four gold medals in the 1936 Berlin Olympic games. Making him the most memorable athletes in Olympic history.

Jesse Owens,podium winner(s) Gold Medalist.

The Dassler brothers, Adolf and Rudolf, started making shoes in their home. The name the chose for their company was Sportfarbrik Gebrüder Dassler, aka Geda. Among all of the shoes crafted, it was the cleat that may have made the most significant impact in the sports world being The first metal- spiked sneaker. It wasn't until the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin did the shoe gain traction. The brothers gifted handcrafted cleats to the medal recipients. There were seven medals awarded, and Jesse Owens had four of them. Legend has it Jesse Owen's ultimately "became and demigod and the pair were responsible for crafting his winged sandal." Geda soared, and then somewhere down the line, they started a family feud amongst themselves. There are many theories about what happened, but the rift was so powerful it split the town in two. Rudolf took south of the Aurach river, founding the company Puma and Adolf, the North half of the river founding Adidas.

Though at odds, the powerful sibling duo managed to have nearly the entire town employed at either warehouse.

The brothers had divided the town and were odds until the died were a living example of how money and the obsession with status destroyed and divided humans.

Fast forward to the current state of affairs, the crash of the economy, Beyonce, The false empathetic statement to black people from Reebok, all of it is one big marketing scheme and a play on the emotions of the American people. Manipulations at it's finest. It's not about care or concern 90% of the time, it's more so what can I get out of the deal. Blacks have been used to build with no regard for since the beginning of time. That bridge has now been burned.

Violence, destruction, rage is never the answer. Still, when you're destroying a foundation that was built on your back, you're merely alleviating unwarranted pressure and freeing yourself so that you may stand tall again and reclaim what is rightfully yours; Respect.

To protest is to be heard, to revolt is to command change, and to progress is to rebuild in your essence. That can not be achieved until all that stands for the higher good start to unite and support one another. We, the citizens, have enough talent and trade skills amongst one another to be self-sufficient with the celebrities, politicians, and companies that don't view you as an equal. If your dollar is grand enough to accept, why is it so hard to take that black people, any people, aren't disposable?

The only way to create change that will maintain and sustain is to come up with a great plan, and I say start with your wallets. Put your money where your mouth is and spend it with your people within your communities. If what you are looking for can't be found, create it, or invest in someone in your community that can. The time is now to make the world a place where the people are respected as the very ones who make the world go round; because, without the people, there will be no one.

The minority market is worth 3.9 Trillion dollars in 2018, more than enough to start a new world, with peaceful, joyous vibrations.

A small call to action, but a massive one. Spend your dollar where you matter.

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