Be The Smile You Wish You Had When You Needed One The Most

I teach my children that if you see a person who needs help, and you are in the position to do so, help them! Without hesitation, reservations, or expectations. The body is wired to be loving and nurturing, and because of this, you get a feeling when you know someone is in distress; that is the time to act. You are your brother's and sister's keeper, and the world has grown accustomed to turning their backs on one another. You don't have to look that far back to see what I mean by this; think about the influx of people who went out and purchased all of the toilet paper when the world announced it was fighting a deadly; and highly contagious virus. Millions of people put themselves at risk of exposure to go out and buy up all of the toilet paper from the others. Where is the logic in that? Not even to mention the fact that toilet paper does nothing to combat a virus. That point alone was nowhere in the minds of the hoarders because the only person they were concerned with was none other than themselves. The world can desperately use a dose of kindness and consideration from its inhabitants right now. The way the world rotates, everything that is up will eventually become down. Studies have shown that those that develop and sustain a great support system are overall healthier beings. Having a support system increases your coping skills, alleviates symptoms of depression, and can reduce anxiety. When you know that you have someone to fall on during the days when you can't help yourself; the world doesn't seem as dark; it provides the moral needed to get you to the next step on your journey. You can continue and prosper simply because you had someone who cared. Those someones have to overstand the importance of uplifting one another, for if they had been selfishly inconsiderate, your name could have turned out a bit different, maybe even a little darker. Showing support of another is embedded in our DNA since the beginning of time. A time when our ancestors were living in villages and bartering for their needs. If the currency now were kindness, what would you be worth? To do is to from the heart; the core and no place else. Without hesitation, reservation, or expectation of anything in return. From the kindness of your heart for the betterment of the entire human race. Smiles are just as infectious as any virus you could catch, and rendering to a neighbor just may spark a flame to provide what's needed in a world full of darkness, be someone else light, and pay it forward. If you find yourself struggling with this, Just think back on the times you ever wished someone was around to brighten up your day; you have two choices; you can contribute to positive change or deflect it. One propels the world to better more peaceful space, and the other creates more darkness and wounded souls that will continue to do nothing but damage this place; Our world. Who you are truly means nothing, but how you inspire and affect others means everything. What's your worth?

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