Be Successful and Be Loud About It, Changing The Perspectives on Bragging

The mere act of screaming to the mountain tops of your successes is still to this very day shunned. Is society creating more cold-hearted and heartless individuals by their outdated beliefs?

Think about the moment you were promoted and could think of none other than EVERYONE to share the news. Still, instead, you humbly accepted the position, gracefully uttered a Thank you and whispered your success to those closet to you, and perhaps not even all of those you hold dearly; in hopes of not offending anyone with your new-found happiness and proudness of your success as you should be. In actuality, to expect another to withhold their satisfaction by expecting one to refrain from celebrations is quite heartless in itself. Perhaps society would be more accepting of another's success once there is more self-love amongst the masses. The fact is, most people can't stand to see another person in a place of enjoyment or advancement. The reason has nothing to do with you. The reason has everything to do with the individual. For a long time, people have been advised to be selfless for lack of terminology, basically to put others before yourself and do for others before you would do yourself, to speak humbly of your successes, and do not "brag."

In memory of The Great & Legendary Cicely Tyson Dec 1924- Jan 2021

Everyone who does; they're deemed self-centered or arrogant, but in all actuality, wouldn't you want to be happy about your accomplishments? Wouldn't you want to scream at the top of the mountains for the world to hear that you were successful? We teach Ambition, determination to what end .once you've achieved that, you're excited, right?

To want a little acknowledgment, there is nothing wrong with that, considering the years that we've had, mostly the one previous, wouldn't you want the world to know about even the smallest of your successes?

Is it a lack of confidence or self-esteem that renders it impossible for one to accept another's accomplishments? One could assume so, with good reasons. The first thing most would do is to start a comparison instead of a celebration. Some individuals are their worst critique, so when they hear the great news of someone else, they would immediately begin to wonder or compare themselves to that individual, instead of taking a moment to acknowledge the successes of that individual. Not to point fingers or say anyone's to blame. It's just how society has conditioned most to look at it.

If you're too happy, you're gloating. If you're not excited enough, you're "hating," when in reality, you don't know how to be celebratory of another. We need to make that the norm all 2021. To be more uplifting and encouraging in celebrating with one another.

The key to manifesting or bringing about what you're attracting is to Express gratitude. Well, one way to do that is to be happy for another, with ease. You will find the quickest way to attract what you're looking for is in your happiness for another with full Joy!

You know, spread more love, be more encouraging and undo some of the toxic traditions that most are accustomed to. It is okay to speak about how happy you are about that promotion. Or how stoked you are on making your first sale in your business. When you are delighted and expressing gratitude, the universe can feel that, and what comes of it is more. The universe will respond to how you think, feel, and speak to you in that language. Speak loudly and proudly of your accomplishments, Unapologetically. You worked your butt off to get to where you are, and you deserve to let everyone know. Perhaps your victory will be someone else's motivation.

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