Awesome Superfood That Helps Eliminate Congestion

The human body is a plain of dwelling for diverse entities because of the simple ignorance of knowing how to eat correctly. Eliminating congestion is as easy as eating the right foods.

Going through a frustrating pain in your chest or throat along with mucus, soreness, continuous cough, and cold? Whatever your triggers are, it is a symptom of congestion. Congestion is a malady if left untreated, it could harm you severely. Knowledge of the leading cause of blockage in your body is paramount so that you can effectively treat the infection and not just the signs. The thing that plays a massive role in the misery accompanying congestion is the irritation. Severe irritation in the body might stimulate such malaise as heartburn, asthma, and arthritis. A substantial diet is an optimal way of protecting infections related to congestion, and anti-inflammatory foods can benefit reducing symptoms once they start.

There are multitudinous causes for congestion to occur in the body. Here are a few:

  1. Asthma

  2. Bacterial and virus-related infections

  3. Common Cold

  4. Red Meat

  5. Severe Bronchitis

  6. Sensitivities and reactions

  7. Tuberculosis

The human body is a plain of dwelling for diverse entities because of the simple ignorance of knowing how to eat correctly. Eliminating congestion is as easy as eating the right foods. Our divine Mother Earth has gifted us such food and it is called Moringa. Its tree is not only fast-growing; its leaves are highly nourishing too. With seven times more vitamin C than oranges and four times more calcium than milk, moringa is touted as the plant that may help end world hunger while bringing our bodies into complete balance for optimal health.

"Make your medicine your food and your food your medicine", we've all sometimes in our lives heard this old aphorism, when it comes to Moringa also known as "the Miracle Tree", the adage has never been more accurate.

The antioxidants and vitamins in Moringa tea help to fight inflammation and prevent cell damage – which is great for anyone with congestion issues like, sore throats, cold or flu-like symptoms. Not only that, but the tea can ease the symptoms of long term illnesses such as Arthritis too.

In a study aimed to find whether or not moringa helped reduce asthmatic activity. In the process, they found that indeed moringa significantly reduced the asthmatic activity by reducing inflammation in the lungs and increasing overall lung capacity and expiratory flow.

As a natural detoxifier, moringa purifies and nourishes the blood, muscle tissues, bone marrow, and fat tissues. In addition, it is a very potent source of plant-based nutrition and is a powerful antioxidant. Thus, it helps to fight off free radicals that bring on sickness and disease.

Congestion is an uncharacteristic or extreme accumulation of body fluid. Herbs and food have been guards for quite a long time. Therefore, consuming healthy superfoods like Moringa should combat and eliminate congestion.


About the Author: Adrian Clarke

Adrian Clarke is a spiritual seeker living in Jamaica, where he is assiduously engaged in finding that divine balance between ease and effort in what seems to be a chaotic world. Severe trauma as a child set him on a path to healing himself. That zeal led him to learn as much as he could about personal transformation. He practices and teaches Yoga and is very insightful in the worlds of astrology, alternative healing, comparative religions, metaphysics, and philosophy.

Dubbed as the young Marcus Garvey, he earned his B.A. degrees in Philosophy & Economics at the Providence University College and Theological Seminary in Manitoba, Canada. Adrian is also a Travel Blogger, Social Media Manager, and Cannabis Consultant.

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