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A few years ago I started working from home as an employee servicing customers for many different clients. I did that for a while but it just wasn't quite making ends meet financially. Quickly I knew something else had to be implemented and the flexibility of remaining home was still a major determining factor. Soon I came across affiliate marketing and decided to give it a try.

I tried many different companies, many different products, made purchases to test these products, built a website to house these links, etc. I did the whole nine, so I thought. Still, to no avail, I made nothing, not even a penny. I pretty much said goodbye to affiliate marketing and shut the virtual door on anyone who was recruiting and/or advertising for one. I was sick of them and I did not want to hear about any more affiliate marketing.

I started to focus on building my own company, Uniquely Created. I had begun helping close friends and family members establish a small business, managing small administrative tasks, strategizing and implementing standard operating procedures, etc. With time and effort, this began to grow and my current clients started referring to their friends and before you knew it, a thriving, productive business was born. Fast forward to now, my job title has changed from Virtual Assistant to OBM, Online Business Manager. I created e-courses to share the knowledge obtained over the years and like any other product; marketing and promotion was a necessity to ensure success in getting your product in front of potential customers and/or clients.

That's how I came across Share A Sale.

I kept searching for the right way to advertise and came across Share A Sale. If approved, this site would allow me to sign up as a merchant and have affiliates market my product, but something else also caught my attention. There's the affiliate gateway, access to thousands of companies looking and waiting to pay people to market their products and/or services. On my journey to secure 7 streams of income, I signed up to become an affiliate and a week later I was approved.

The fun had just started.

I had just struck affiliate marketing GOLD. My affiliate account was approved and access granted to start applying to merchants. A few merchants stood out to me because I was already using these "vendors" in day to day routine for my business and oftentimes had mentioned the products and/or services to clients. At that moment, the realization of how simple it is to make profits with affiliate marketing kicked in. If you can build your own website and get approved for Share A Sale, the possibilities were endless about affiliate marketing. There's even an option to use your social media accounts as well. How sway you say?

The key is finding something you are passionate about. A product or service you are aware of so that if asked about by a potential client, you can give the run down from the bottom of your heart. For instance, everyone can use a pick me upper in their day to day lives so I often refer family and friends to Buddha Groove. There's everything that I have used in my personal life. Crystals, Tibetan Singing bowls, Mandala beads, you name it. These products sell themselves and I simply guide the people to them. When it comes to those in need of business incorporation and they don't want continued managing services I refer them to INCFILE a step by step, do it yourself package to business formation. Guidance obtaining licenses, Incorporation documents, EIN applications, all forms needed to start business, in one link.

This makes it easier for the clients who may want to handle these steps on their own but may not have known which documents and legal forms are needed. An easy way to make a profit without the stress of hounding people to buy my affiliate items. Simply find out what you are already providing and search for products and/or services that fit your niches. The money will start flowing in "accidentally".

If only I could have learned about this site a few years ago, perhaps I wouldn't have given up on affiliate marketing back then. I could be a millionaire by now if only I had stayed consistent.

I'm on my way, If you want in, Apply for approval here.

There is training provided and all types of other great resources available to you and the products available to market are endless.

Just an Online Business Manager sharing some easy money making tips.

Stick with it and remain disciplined.

You will make what you invest and TIME truly is MONEY!

~This article contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

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