7 Essential Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

Remember the days when an aloe vera was just a plant used as the household decor that added the amazing dash of green balancing the home or office. Since the turn of the 21st century therein saw a surge of health-conscious individuals, determined to find natural healthy ways that will enhance their lives and lifestyle. Now what once was just a potted plant you would get from your florist is turning to be mankind’s greatest natural healing remedy.

The Aloe Vera plant is also known as “Senep” the ancient Egyptian phrase “to make healthy/safe”. A native of ancient Kemet/Egypt and have been used for medicinal purposes as far back as 5000 years. Legends of the ancient land talks of the ancient deity “Sekhmet” the Goddess of Healing would dwell in a field of Aloe Veras.

But the health-related benefits of this Aloaceae type of lily is not an allegorical story but seems to have the backing of scientific evidence. The plant seems to be very special as it survives in any climate, from frostbiting colds to heat exceeding 100 degrees F, once their roots are firmly attached to the life-generating force of the Earth the aloe vera will withstand the harshest droughts and even the rainforests. The leaves of the plant harvest an amazing liquid jelly substance from which many tremendous byproducts have been used to treat rashes and burns, the plant is even said to slow the spread of cancer cells, the facts about this ostentatious plant are only just coming to the surface.

Here are 7 Essential Health Benefits of Aloe Vera:

  1. Improves Hair Growth

Strong, long-lasting healthy hair is what everyone wants especially when you’re getting older. By just drinking some aloe vera will aid in keeping your pH balance in the proper range, essentially boosting hair growth and retaining moisture; so less dry scalps and breakage for a result of long, strong silky hair. Also, try applying some of the aloe vera gel substance in the leaves directly to the scalp. This does a few things, removes the oily secretion called sebum that initiates baldness! Also applying it to the scalp clears the dead skin that often clogs the pores.

2. Battles Cancer

A meticulous compound found in the Aloe Vera leaves, the aloe-emodin has been shown to reduce the spread of breast cancer cells. The examinations of how the aloe-emodin could assist in other forms of cancer, and although all the tests so far have been giving positive feedback, it is a surety that the aloe vera helps prevent and treat breast cancer.

3. Enhances Oral Health

They are an overabundance of benefits of the aloe vera plant, and its byproduct, the list seems infinite. What makes the plant even more so amazing and is being now very sought after is the plethora of benefits that extends to the mouth. It reduces inflammation and kills bacteria from the gums. Maintaining proper oral health is proven to be very vital to our overall well-being, and aloe vera offers that natural remedy for the enhancement of a healthy mouth. Aloe Vera gel can now be found in toothpaste because it provides a vast amount of benefits for dental care.

4. No More Constipation

Anyone who has ever been constipated is very much cognizant of how unpleasant it really is. There is local folklore in West Africa about how aloe vera would help prevent and treat constipation. A team of Nigerian scientists recently conducted a study to determine whether the folklore was true, first experimenting on rats before human trials. Both trials proved that the gel made from an ordinary aloe vera potted houseplant was able to relieve constipation. Drinking the juice boosts the directive of the digestive system, ultimately getting constipation and diarrhea under control. Controlling both constipation and diarrhea allows the body to rid itself of harmful bacteria and toxins, benefits like these will make you function optimally and with more vigor.

5. Diabetes Control

People struggling with diabetes always are on the lookout for ulterior means to regulate their blood sugar and control the deadly condition. By drinking the juice they will see massive improvements in their glucose levels, they are three specific components in the Aloe Vera that provide this diabetes control benefit - Anthraquinones, Lectins, and Mannans. A study conducted in Thailand and later confirmed by another study in Turkey found that two teaspoons per day of aloe vera juice or by using the pulp extract caused blood sugar levels to fall in people with type 2 diabetes. The future of Diabetes Treatment I recon.

6. Impeccable Skin

The Aloe Vera plant does more than just brightens your home or office space. The leaves of the plant store water, which fuses with the plant compounds called complex carbohydrates making it perfect and an effective moisturizer for the face. The gel of the plant can be used to battle acne and other blemishes like burns and inflammation. Working internally aloe vera supplies the body with the vitamins and nutrients the body needs. The plant does all that while hydrating your body because of its high water content, and its anti-aging properties allow your skin to remain to look young and renewed.

7. The Upkeep of the Immune System

A strong immune system assists in hurdling the bacteria and viruses hurled at us by the environment. Adding Aloe Vera to our diet will increase polysaccharides in our bodies ultimately making our immune system stronger, by helping our bodies produce macrophages which is the tool the body uses to fight bacteria and viruses. Polysaccharides are not the only anti-oxidants found in the aloe vera, most others are also used to reduce free-radical flowing in our bodies, like cancer cells.

Final Thoughts

The Earth is ours and all the healing powers can be found right here on the surface of our divine Mother. In this case, the healing superpower can be found in a flower pot. There are many ways the aloe vera plant can be put to medicinal use, whether you are going to use the gels and other by-products or just cutting the plant and using it organically the benefits are vast and it will sure to enhance your health. Scientists are still finding out new innovative ways for us to use this mighty healer that is aligned with an ancient Egyptian deity. So whenever you are looking for a natural remedy you should consider Aloe Vera, with its benefits spiraling in popularity a tremendous amount of health conditions.