6 Great Tips To Radically Transcend Your Sex Life To The Next Level

~A new perspective, A guest post from an amazing soul and writer; Adrian Clarke~

Oh Sex!

Just the thought of it, is like a thrilling pulsation of my mind. Our entire world not only revolves around the sun but also this buzzing act we know as sex. It is arguably the most enthralling pleasures in existence, so much we naturally cannot get enough of it and even the best would love to get better at it.

In my opinion sex is the highest level of mind-body connection humans share with each other; and in this amazing act we radiate and transfer vast amounts of energies. These meticulous energies are the force that takes our sexual experiences to the orgasmic and tantric level. Harnessing these energies during sex does take commitment and a willing mind; the first thing to do is eradicate the thought of “just getting that nut”. Both men and women are guilty of that mindset, and it slowly kills your relationship’s sex life in a sad dreary obligatory once-a-week missionary position sex death.

Great sex requires a lot of passion and it is essential for keeping the bond firmly intact, along with the plethora of health benefits it offers both physically and mentally. Here are a handful of steamy tips you must add to your regular repertoire of sexual activities to take it beyond that mundane level.

1.) Watch/Read Erotica Together

It is often said that men watch porn while women read it. Whichever the case may be, erotica is an easy way to get a kick-start in the mood. This is because the mind desires sex naturally, so whether it is being watched or read we do “feel some type-a-way”. Doing this together and not on your own secret private time will inspire amazing sex; as your sexual encounter right after would be a subconscious re-enactment of what was watched or read. 

2.) Try Morning Sex

There is a reason “the cock crows in the mornings”. A man’s testosterone levels sky rockets after a good night’s rest, in a nutshell our batteries are then fully charged. I also believe that starting the day of with an orgasm often leads to a productive day filled with bright smiles. Also contemporary research does show that morning sex can immensely reinforce the immune system by boosting levels of an antibody that fights against infection.

3.) Sexting

I cannot lie; this is by far my favourite tip. Our busy lives can easily be thrown in the pits of monotonous practicalities that we often have no time to cater for ourselves and our partner’s desires. Don’t allow being too busy or distance throttle the magic, there’s a way to fight back. Technology has gifted us a way to rekindle the enchantment of your sex life. Your phone is now like your wand, draw and wield it to rev up the passion. Sexting is not rocket science; it’s just a great way to flirt. And as mentioned before, sex is a mind-body connection we share. The key is to be truly honest so we say what we mean and mean what we say in an aggressively explicit naughty text message to our partners. For example I won’t send a message like, “Hi babe I am horny I can’t wait to f@%#” The mind will process that as vulgar and it won’t often do the trick. I rather being more poetic for instance, “I have an uncontrollable urge to wrap your legs around my head like the crown you are and kiss your sweet spot”. Send the mind on an amazing trip.

4.) Weekend Sex Vacations

This is one of the best ways to ensure monotony does not creep in. Check in a villa or resort at least one weekend per month. Now you both have somewhere new to conquer J the aim is to have sex as often as possible during that weekend, at least 10 times and anywhere possible. It’s a great way to add that adventure needed for that exhilarating experience. Places to-do-it on your sex-cation are like in the parking lot (in/out the car), Jacuzzi, in an empty hallway, under the moonlight on the beach etc. Just Do It like Nike!

5.) Hit 3rd Base In Public

With creativity and discretion the world offers a multitude of places and secret spots in public-ish places to have a riveting sex. And the idea of being caught is worth giving going all bases in public. Here are a few places you can think about trying:

  • In your car (Just like Rose & Jack did in the motion picture Titantic)

  • The movie theatre

  • In a giant empty library

  • Isolated National Park or Beach

6.) Fantasies Night

Everyone is an individual, and has their own preferences in everything they do. Sex is no exception to this, thus the onus is on both in a relationship to open up about what each other want and try our best to fulfill these deepest desires or find a common compromising ground. Setting a night aside for this can be challenging at first, seeing that you’ll be more than likely doing something new or outside of yourself. The thing is sex works perfect with the act of giving, and experience has taught me that there is no greater pleasure than being the giver of pleasure.


Sex is fun but also requires a lot of work to get the most optimal experience. Try these few tips and add that spark for that eternal flame of amazing sex in your life.

About the Author: Adrian Clarke

Adrian Clarke is a spiritual seeker living in Jamaica, where he is assiduously engaged in finding that divine balance between ease and effort in what seems to be a chaotic world. Severe trauma as a child set him on a path to healing himself. That zeal led him to learn as much as he could about personal transformation. He practices and teaches Yoga and is very insightful in the worlds of astrology, alternative healing, comparative religions, metaphysics and philosophy.

Dubbed as the young Marcus Garvey, he earned his B.A. degrees in Philosophy & Economics at the Providence University College and Theological Seminary in Manitoba, Canada. Adrian is also a Travel Blogger, Social Media Manager and Cannabis Consultant.

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